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Geniki Fytotechniki Athinon

Geniki Fytotechniki Athinon

Αt Gouliarmis stores on Corfu you will find top products of Geniki Fytotechniki Athinon.


Geniki Fytotechniki Athinon was founded in 1978 and since then has been operating on the agricultural market. Among this company’s top products are flower and garden seeds along with a wide range of hybrid and other varieties of seedlings, fertilizers and soil amendments, biofertilizers of the highest quality and similar products as well as substrates and soil, flower bulbs, stem cuttings from ornamental plants and edible fruit/seeds –all these products indicate that there is a wide range of agriculture-related products offered at Geniki Fytotechniki Athinon.

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Geniki Fytotechniki Athinon

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